// TOP GEAR //

"Jacqui was responsible for taking an ambitious project with a modest budget, and creating a template that allows the property to thrive." - Executive Producer, Top Gear

// The World's most watched factual TV program

- watched by over 300 million people in 214 territories //


// The highest earning BBC global brand //


// International Emmy Award Winner: Non-Scripted Entertainment

& BAFTA Award Nominee //


// A global format hit with locally produced versions in the USA, China, Russia, France, South Korea and Australia //


// An enduring success. Now in it's 22nd season //


Early in her career Jacqui decided to gain as much experience in as many program genres as possible. So when the BBC's Factual team sought a Producer with hybrid skills to re-launch one of their properties, Jacqui was the natural choice.


Presented with a small factual programming budget and the ambitions of an expensive studio entertainment show, Jacqui did what she does best. She rose to the challenge to deliver on time and on budget while maintaining a happy team ... and keeping the identity of The Stig a closely guarded secret!





"A triumph of the craft of program making"

A.A. Gill - The Sunday Times

... and good friend of Jeremy Clarkson!